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Sustainable Picks {Friday Five}

Hello everyone and happy July! Today is the 5th, and it’s Friday, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share some products I love in honor of Plastic Free July! If you haven’t heard or don’t know about the zero waste/ sustainable movement, here’s the lowdown: we’re a group of people who are making small but impactful changes via our purchases and choices to help lower the amount of garbage entering our environment. Plastic doesn’t break down, and instead pollutes our oceans, kills wild animals, and is ruining our environment. The more people who make small changes to avoid this, the better our environment will become. Are you ready to join me?

Here are the sustainable living products I am currently loving, and I will be sure to share more in the future!

one | bamboo toothbrushes

The first plastic toothbrush was created in 1938 (source), and all the plastic toothbrushes you’ve thrown away in your lifetime, as well as those by everyone else, are still in-tact and polluting our earth (source). That’s why it’s important to use bamboo toothbrushes – they generally last as long as plastic toothbrushes (3 months) but rather than polluting the earth, the brush can be composted. Depending on the brand you choose, the bristles may need to be removed and landfilled, but the handle can be composted and the box the brush comes in is biodegradable and/or recyclable. Overall, this is a win!

two | metal straws

Plastic straws are evil, basically – they pollute our environment and animals will try to eat them, or they get stuck in animals’ nostrils, and it can be fatal to the animals. It’s so tragic I can’t even think about it for too long without getting choked up. Personally, I loved using straws growing up, and still enjoy them for certain beverages, like iced coffee. So when I found these reusable metal straws on amazon, I knew I had found a deal. It came with 8 straws and 2 cleaning brushes. I keep 4 straws in my purse at all times, so even if a friend needs a straw, they can borrow it rather than wasting a plastic straw that never biodegrades. Plus, they’re rose gold and reusable, so my one-time purchase will last me SO many drinks. Do yourself and everyone a favor and grab a set of these!

three | French press

Coffee, coffee, coffee. I, like the Gilmore girls, LOVE coffee. But I don’t love the waste that a traditional coffee maker produces. Coffee filters are wasteful, and why use them when there are so many other options? Before I had my French press, I had a reusable coffee filter. However, someone pointed out how amazing French Press coffee is and I’m forever changed. The Bodum Chambord in Rose Gold is my jam – grab one for yourself on amazon!

four | compostable garbage bags

These garbage bags by unni are 100% compostable and biodegradable, so you can use them both for landfill or for compost, which is great if you need options. They’re quite thin, but I don’t mind because I know they will break down over time instead of continually adding to our landfill. Again, a small but sustainable choice I love.

five | reef-safe sunscreen

I recently became an ambassador for a brand whose values I truly stand behind: Raw Elements. While they don’t boast 100% plastic free, some of their products (like the tinted face moisturizer above) come in a tin, and are plastic-free. However, they also create reef-safe sunscreen. What does that mean? Most sunscreens we use (especially the spray kind) use chemicals that are bleaching and killing our coral reefs. Coral reefs provide more oxygen than forests, so it’s also super important for human beings and other living creatures that the coral reefs stay alive. Enter reef-safe sunscreen – an easy alternative that will keep both your skin and the environment safe. It’s a win-win. For 10% off your purchase, use code CARYNBEE.

This is something I care about deeply and am always looking to improve and to stay informed, so if you would like to connect with me on this please reach out! It takes a community 🙂

What do you think? Any zero waste/sustainable products that you love that I should know about? Let me know in a comment below!


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