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Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year! I know we’re already a few days into the new year, but I have been spending some time reflecting on the past year and creating goals for the upcoming months. 2017 was messy, wonderful, crazy, emotional, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

We started the year off by heading down to Big Sur and exploring for the day. It wasn’t very crowded, which was surprising, so we got to really relax and enjoy the views. We went to Bixby Creek Bridge (pictured above), McWay Falls (pictured below), and hiked around Andrew Molera State Park.

We took my cousins there for their first visit, and we had to hike through the Big Sur River to get to the beach at Andrew Molera SP! Since we were already barefoot, my cousin and I decided to do some earthing and hike the rest of the way to the beach barefoot, which was cold and muddy but so worth it.

We had fun splashing around in the waves and admiring the scenery. My fiancé took this picture of me doing tree pose in the ocean, which leads to the first goal of 2018: take more time for self-care. Yoga, running, reading, bath bombs … taking the time to really take care of me and my mental health. My focus word of the year is “calm,” and part of that is finding time to be calm and calm my mind. I’m very much looking forward to these moments in the future.

More time for beach walks, hikes in the woods, reading by the window while the rain pours down… I am looking forward to all this year has in store. Especially being recently engaged and planning a wedding, taking the time to focus on being me and being us instead of just focusing on the wedding is going to be crazy important. However, I do have to share this picture of us right after we got engaged because I was (and am) SO FREAKIN’ STOKED. I can’t wait to marry this man and love him until we’re old and wrinkly.

So yes, that was the best moment of 2017 and I cannot wait for all that 2018 has in store for us. What are your goals for 2018? Or your focus word? Share in a comment!


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