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Welcoming Autumn

Pumpkins, scarves, and falling leaves… oh my! Autumn is my favorite time of year, and for good reason – I am an Autumn baby, after all. My birthday isn’t until November, though, so we’re still focusing on Halloween festivities!

This month, we’ve watched several Halloween movies, made pumpkin spice bread, drank Maple Pecan lattes, went to a pumpkin patch, and have taken many Autumn beach walks.

Living in California, you always have a toss-up come October – will it be chilly and wonderful or will we have an Indian Summer? We’ve had quite a bit of both this month, but we have been fluctuating 40 degrees between morning to afternoon! I’m ready for the chill.

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a success! We both found perfect orange pumpkins, and we snagged a green and white one as well. We always frequent the same patch: the Post Street Pumpkin Farm in Santa Cruz. We love it because it’s this little farm tucked in the industrial part of town, and we love to support local businesses. Plus, they always have a great assortment of things to pick from: they also grow dahlias, tomatoes, Christmas trees, and they keep bees!

While we were poking around in the dahlias, I spotted a praying mantis! He was huge but so, so happy in their garden. I mean, look at those beautiful dahlias – who couldn’t be happy here?

All in all, we have really been enjoying our Autumn so far! We look forward to many more fun activities and I hope to be better about sharing on here. What’s your favorite Autumn activity? Let me know in a comment below!


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