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Preschool Garden {Homegrown}

Oh, gardens, greenery, fruits, vegetables, the lazy days of summer…. you have my heart.

There is something about sowing your seeds, taking careful care of them, and reaping the rewards in harvest. This is especially true for little ones – I see a calmness about them when they’re helping in the garden that is rare to find elsewhere.

This year, we have had carrots, onions, strawberries, snap peas, zucchini, and we are waiting on our tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelon to ripen. We have also enjoyed our butterfly bush, sweet peas, and flowers. 

Our pumpkin vines are quite expansive, but I have to say our zucchini plant has been the most impressive this year, we have had upward of 20 zucchini this summer, and more coming! I can’t make enough zucchini bread, a recipe I’ll share on the blog soon! Look at these zucchini: 

I have wanted to live on a farm, to grow my own food, for a long time – but for now, this little garden will be my special place. I will continue to enjoy our garden, and I hope you will, too! What is your favorite plant you have in your garden? Tell me in a comment below! 


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