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Spring Adventures {Garden & Flea Market}

Hello, all! Spring is finally here, and I’m glad to have extra light hours to clean the house, spend time with the pup, go to the beach, and relax! It’s been fluctuating between pouring rain and intense heat, so we’ve definitely had an “April showers bring May flowers” kind of Spring.

A few weeks ago, my love and I went to the flea market and I was lucky enough to score a copper colander for only $5! I’m using it as decoration in our kitchen, and it’s super cute! I can’t wait to add more copper touches as the search continues.

We have been taking Penny for loads of long walks to help her spend her energy, and it gets us out of the house, too! I love look for wildflowers while we’re out exploring.


At the preschool, our garden is in full-force! We have strawberries and carrots to eat, and they are so delicious fresh off the plant. Everything tastes better home-grown and hand-picked. The kids are loving being out in the sun, helping me pick food and water the garden; I’ve clearly been enjoying it as well!

I hope you guys are getting outside and enjoying this beautiful weather! Enjoy Springtime! What do you like to do in the Spring? Tell me in a comment, I’d love to gather more ideas!


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