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Brunch {Sunday Funday}

Hello, all! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. We certainly have been enjoying ours. While I had to spend the majority of yesterday completing a CPR class (preschool teacher duties!), we went to go see Beauty and the Beast in the evening. We snuck a couple of sandwiches into the theater and had a dinner and movie date.

loved seeing one of my favorite Disney classics (that came out in the month I was born!) redone with one of my role models as the star. They added a few scenes (which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t seen it) and a couple songs, but overall, they stayed true to the plot and storyline. There was a lot of music throughout, which may bug some, but I enjoyed it, and their attention to detail was impeccable. I loved looking at the castle and the costumes. I can’t recommend it enough.

Today, we’ve had a fairly mellow day – we had brunch at one of my favorite places, The Buttery, this morning, and I ordered my favorite savory: a veggie benny. My love ordered a regular eggs benedict as well as a yummy blueberry muffin. I also got a mocha chai, yum. Then we took our little Penny Lane for a walk around Arana Gulch, which had cows this time! That was really cool to see, and Penny was fascinated. We’ve been hanging out at home and cuddling with Penny, who has been thoroughly enjoying the company.

Soon we’ll be updating the house and I have more to share, so I’m feeling excited for the projects and plans I have coming soon! I hope you stay posted for the changes I have in store.

Happy Sunday, and enjoy,


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