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Winter Adventures


Hello, all!

This Winter, a lot of changes have been happening in my life and home.

 I just began student teaching this week, and it’s been quite the change to my schedule. I’m adjusting to this, but it has been a fun learning opportunity and I feel that I am growing and changing by trying new things. I look forward to more opportunities to explore what works for me as an educator and adjusting to make myself the best preschool teacher that I can be.

Another major change in my life: my love and I adopted the sweetest puggle about a month ago! We named her Penny Lane, after the song by the Beatles. She is so feisty and playful; we are so glad that we got to be the ones to take her home!


Isn’t she just the cutest?


I mean, look at that little face – how could I resist?

Okay, enough dog-mama bragging. It’s been pouring rain for weeks here in Santa Cruz, so it has been difficult to get outside and go on adventures, but we have been trying to when we get a dry day or two!


Here’s a photo from last weeekend, when the sun finally came out and we took Penny for an extra-long doggy walk. She loved it! There were lots of dogs in the open space and she was so excited to meet some new pups. We enjoyed the fresh air and being able to stretch our legs.

We’re stuck inside in the rain tonight, but hopefully I can share more adventures with you all soon!


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