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New Year, New Adventures!


Happy new year to all! Can you believe that it’s already 2017?!

January is all about creating and starting out our New Year’s Resolutions, so this year I am sharing my resolutions with all of you. Firstly, I want to be better about saving my money. I am cutting back where I can, like giving up Starbucks, and cooking at home more often. I hope that will go hand-in-hand with posting yummy recipes to share with you!

Secondly, I want to explore. I want to experience all that my wonderful home state of California has to offer, and hopefully I can manage a trip up to the PNW also, because I have been craving an adventure there for some time. On the first of this year, my love and I adventured down the coast to Big Sur. It was breathtaking!


We have a poster of Big Sur hanging up in our living room with Bixby Creek Bridge on it, so seeing this as a couple for the first time was so much fun! We’d been talking about going here for a year and we finally did. I also loved McWay Falls, which was majestic, and the water there is so blue; it’s amazing.


So. Stunning.


I loved looking at McWay Falls and admiring it with my love. Afterward, we walked in a tunnel under the Pacific Coast Highway to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. It was gorgeous, and we hiked a lot; all day we ended up hiking over eight and a half miles. So yet another resolution was met (for the day, at least): to be healthier! We are going to do a lot of hiking this year. 

What are your resolutions for 2017? Tell me in a comment below! I wish you all luck in your endeavors for this year and I will do my best to keep my resolutions as well. We got this!


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