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Skyline to the Sea Trail {Adventures}

Hello friends! A few weekends ago, I set out for a hike with my husband and one of my lifelong friends. Our goal was to hike to Berry Creek Falls in Big Basin State Park, Boulder Creek, California. We were set to start out at Waddell Beach, just north of Davenport, and hike the 12 mile round trip journey. We started out around 10 AM, after a big breakfast and a stop off at Whole Foods to grab some sandwiches to eat at the Falls. We drove up the winding coastline and began our hike!

We just splurged a little on a Sony Alpha 5100, a small but powerful mirrorless camera. This camera came out in 2014, but we compared it to the newer models and it had the same sensor and lens options, and considering how light it is, we felt that we made the right choice for us! We wanted something super portable for when we’re in Europe and also something that will last us for years to come.

We had a foggy start to our morning, which made for some dramatic shots as we began our hike. I was having so much fun playing with the camera in this scenery that I had to run to catch up with the boys multiple times!

We found a few banana slugs, lots of blackberries, and enjoyed the flora of the forest on this trek. The whole trail runs next to Waddell creek, so there is the sound of streaming water the whole time, which is quite calming.

I tested my strength with this redwood – and, alas, I am not strong enough to lift it!

We took a little break after reaching the waterfall for lunch and I cracked open one of these yummy ciders. From Sonoma County, Golden State Cider is easy to find locally and it’s so delicious! I bought it because of the otter (turns out his name is Seamus), and continue to buy because they’re so good. If you spot it in your local target, try it out.

Our hike was long, but the views and the friendship was so worth the sore feet afterward. I am so glad we decided to get our new camera as well, so we have these beautiful photos to document a special day. We spotted signs of autumn’s approach and plan to get a few more hikes in before summer’s end.

How are you spending the last few weeks of Summer? I hope you’re enjoying!



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