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Welcome, 2019!

Happy New Year! 2019 is here!

I know I’m a day late posting about this, but I was soaking in my last full day with my fiancé before he had to go back to work. We had a wonderful last day of 2018 – we went for a 5 mile hike, got sushi for dinner, drank pineapple mimosas, and watched Indiana Jones to ring in 2019. It was simple and magical and just what we needed as we entered this year – our wedding year!

I’m feeling a whole lot of excitement and a little bit of anxiety as our wedding draws closer. We’re in the double digits of counting down now (93 days to go) and that means we’ll get to start finalizing everything! I feel like there is still a bit to do, but I just keep telling myself to focus on one thing at a time. Hey other brides, any advice for handling anxiety about getting everything done for the wedding? Drop a comment below and help a girl out!

Anyway, the point of this post was to talk about 2019 – my goals for the year are:

  • To get married (!!!)
  • To take better care of the wonderful body I have
  • To read more books
  • Blog more frequently (hello there!)
  • Save money for a 2020 honeymoon to Europe!

I also picked out a word of the year: LOVE. I felt like this was an obvious choice, as my darling fiancé and I are getting married in April so this year is bound to be full of love. But even more so, I wanted this year’s focus to be on loving myself, even when I feel like that’s hard to do, and showing love to others. There was so much anger and hatred in 2018 that my goal is to combat whatever I can with love. I am a lover, not a fighter, but I will fight for love.

Photo by Ed Pulella Photography

Do you pick a word of the year? If you do, let me know what your word is in a comment below!

Happy New Year and much love to you!


2 responses to “Welcome, 2019!”

  1. I am so glad you chose a word of the year. I hope excellent things happen this year for you, with a wedding coming it can be stressful. Just remember the things that truly matter and try to stay in the moments because they are so fleating. My words of the year sorry I can’t choose just one Create + slowdown. I am a busy body but I just want to enjoy this year and the moments that come my way.

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  2. Jess, it was so hard to narrow my ideas to just one word! Create & slow down are excellent focus words for the year – I hope you can accomplish this, and that the process of slowing down provides you with more creativity. Enjoy this year and all that it has to offer you!


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