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Journaling + Gratitude

Hello there, everybody!

I hope you’re having a magnificent week. I hope that you’re enjoying your life, and really looking around to acknowledge all of the wonderful things that are happening: to you, around you, to people around the world. Sometimes, I feel that with all the craziness of the world, and the stressors of life, it can be easy to plod along and get lost in the daily routine, but it is so, so important to stop and notice. Notice what makes you happy. Notice what makes you grateful. And spend more of your time and attention on those things!

For me, journaling and writing makes me feel purposeful and it truly helps me sort out my feelings and figure out solutions to issues I’m having. While I love free journaling and having the chance to write about whatever I choose, I also really love a good guided journal. I spotted Lori Roberts’s A Life of Gratitude: A Journal to Appreciate It All, Big and Small a few weeks ago at the bookshop downtown, and had to have it. I’m so glad I purchased it, because it has filled me with joy and made me look around about what I’m grateful for!

The book comes with multiple prompts, which I love. With prompts like, “Five ordinary things I am thankful for today,” “Write down some ideas for a new morning ritual rooted in gratitude and mindfulness,” and “How does the color green make you feel? What are some of your favorite green things?” this book is sure to keep you on your toes and actively engaged in growing your gratefulness. I’m ready to fill my heart with thanks.

Tell me something you’re grateful for in the comments! I love hearing about what people are grateful for – it always warms my heart.


P.S. This post is not paid for nor endorsed, I just truly love this product and wanted to share. I’m going to attach an Amazon affiliate link here if you want to purchase it, however, because it’s awesome!

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