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Disneyland {Adventure}


“To all who come to this happy place, welcome.” -Walt Disney

Disneyland is one of my very favorite places to visit, and I was so excited to visit with my love, my mom, and my cousins, whom I love dearly. We made the drive down and found our way to our little airbnb, which was a cute house in a quiet neighborhood. We went to Downtown Disney to grab a bite to eat at Earl of Sandwich, walk around, do a little shopping, and then we rested up for three days in Disneyland. The first day, I disneybounded as both Lilo & Stitch, as seen in the photo above. My whole outfit was from Hot Topic, and I loved every minute of it! I searched for Stitch in California Adventure, and kept checking the app, but unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found so I took a picture with my love instead!

Disneybound: Lilo & Stitch

We did so much the first day, from riding Space Mountain to Splash Mountain, seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade (a favorite from my childhood), and taking my mom out to a nice dinner on Main Street, we had a lot of fun.

Fried Chicken from the Carnation Cafe on Main Street

Dinner was delicious and a nice break from running around the park. The service was impeccable and I highly recommend making a reservation through the Disneyland app prior to your trip! After having a good meal, we were ready for more rides, a parade, and even some fireworks!


On the second day at the park, my little cousins joined us and I was so glad to see them as it had been more than a year! We met up on Main Street, at the Starbucks, which is a personal favorite. I can’t help myself, I love their caramel macchiatos (with coconut milk) and their iced chai tea lattes. If you plan to go to Starbucks in the park, just know that they don’t have their full menu available, so a lot of my favorite foods were not available and I had to compromise. If you want access to the full menu (and to use the app to order), there are now two Starbucks locations in downtown Disney.


I ended up with a caramel macchiato with coconut milk, and a feta spinach egg-white wrap. Speaking of food, I must say this trip definitely fueled some of my Disney-food-related cravings. First stop is almost always churros, followed by a stop into my favorite land, Adventureland, for obvious reasons: Indiana Jones (which was, unfortunately, closed for renovations) and the Dole whip float.


And, as promised, churros from Disneyland, because they are my absolute favorite:



We spent a lot of time roaming the park and waiting in lines, as we accidentally ended up going during one of the busiest weekends of the year (not my best planning moment; my favorite ride was also closed, so double bummer). But despite the heat, the crowds, and the closure, we had a fun time hanging out and being in one of our family favorites.

We were able to get on most of our favorite rides more than once, and used that fastpass system as best we could!


Overall, we had a fun time hanging out at the Parks, eating delicious food, and riding some of our favorite rides. I will always love the castle and Disneyland for all of my fond childhood memories here, and I always look forward to making new memories here.

Tell me in a comment: What’s your favorite Disneyland food? What’s your favorite memory at the parks? I would love to hear!



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