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Redwoods + Fern {Armstrong Woods}

Spotting ferns in the forest was exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend! We were up in the Santa Rosa area for Thanksgiving this year, so we popped by Guerneville’s Armstrong Woods in order to get in touch with nature. 

The view from our family home’s from porch was astonishing to look at with the fog! Give me a warm cup of tea and a good book next to this window, and I’ll be set all day! 

However, we didn’t stay in, but rather opted for the outdoors. We explored parts of the Woods we had never been to before, and we had fun spotting things we didn’t get to see in Summer, like mushrooms! 

There was also this strange type of fungi we found, called a coral mushroom: 

Apparently, they’re good to eat! 

Everything was so lush and green. It was magical. 

I love hiking and being in the woods. It refreshes my soul and makes me crave nature even more. I’ll be looking for more places to adventure soon! 

Where is your favorite place to get outside and adventure? Let me know! 


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