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Intro to Art: Matisse {Teaching Tuesday}

Today, the kiddos and I did one of our last fun projects before they head off to kindergarten in a few weeks (tears…) – we took inspiration from an amazing artist to make our own artwork! I’m going to try to pick a new artist every month and have this become a continual thing, but today we focused on Henri Matisse. 

First, I read them this amazing book: Henri’s Scissors by Jeanette Winter. It tells the story about Henri’s life as a painter and how as he grew ill, it evolved into cutting and pasting mastepieces! The children were enraptured by this story and instantly wanted to get to work! 

I had been collecting paper scraps for months, so I had the table set out with space for each of them, scraps, scissors, and glue. They each got to pick out whatever color they wanted for the background and they got to work! Some kids worked for fifteen-twenty minutes while others sat for almost an hour, making multiple pictures! 
I even got involved in the fun, making my own collage! 

We had fun exploring the materials and I cannot wait to put their pictures up on display! 

What artist should I feature next? Tell me in a comment! 


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