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adventuress. photographer. writer.

Sonoma {Adventures}

This past weekend, my love and I headed up to Sonoma county to spend some time with my family and see the new family vacation home. It is in need of quite a bit of TLC, but it’s nestled in the beautiful redwoods close to the Russian River, so I’m excited to be able to spend lots of time with my family there!  

The Korbel Champagne Cellars were close by so we stopped in for lunch and a little bit of rouge champagne! So, so good! We’ll have to do a tour next time!

The redwoods are enormous and beautiful. I love being surrounded by them, and at night we could stargaze! 

We made a short drive to Armstrong National Forest to see even larger redwoods and it was so much fun! The tree pictured above is about 310 feet tall! 

We climbed into a few cavities in the redwoods, created by fire! Fun fact: redwood seeds need fire to germinate their seeds, so fire (in moderation) is good for redwood growth! 

All in all, we had an adventure-filled weekend and we’re in for another this weekend! 

I hope you’re all enjoying your summers! 


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