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Arboretum {Adventures}


Last Saturday, we went to the UCSC Arboretum to explore and see some new plants we may not have discovered elsewhere – the majority of their plants are native to Australia!

I so admire the look of Eucalyptus bark – I know Eucalyptus was an intruder species, but it is so beautiful and calming. Its bark creates this intriguing look and its leaves smell so soothing. I just adore these trees.


These little flowers were my favorite – I see these all over the area, and I never knew they originated in Australia! These little white and pink flowers are so delicate.


There was also a forest outlining the edge of the arboretum, so we chose to explore a little! We want to be married amidst the redwoods, so we take the chance to explore the woods whenever we get the chance.


I had to share at least one picture of bees! These little workers are so amazing! This one in particular had a ton of pollen build up on his legs, showing his hard work. If you look carefully, you can see it!


We had so much fun celebrating our 14 month anniversary at the arboretum!

Where do you enjoy exploring and being at one with nature? Tell me in a comment!


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