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Living Room Update {Autumn 2018}

September 1st always feels like the beginning of Autumn to me, and it seems every year as September rolls around, so does my wish to de-clutter, reorganize, and start anew. Last year around this time; I refreshed our living room by purchasing this giant arched mirror from Kirkland’s – which a year later, I’m still obsessed with. So good purchase!

This time around, I’ve been eyeing this farmhouse cabinet from Walmart for over a year, but holding off on purchasing it because we have the wedding coming up. However, my fiancé recently told me he wanted an electric fireplace since we can’t have a real one, and I am completely on board with that! So I looked them up, and first to pop up on my google search results was the beauty pictured above! And it was on SALE! So of course, I knew we had to have it, but thought it over for 24 hours and then waited quite impatiently for it to ship to us.

I spent the whole weekend tearing apart our living room in preparation. I moved furniture. I recycled three bags of old papers from my desk. I vacuumed and dusted and vacuumed some more, and it seems our living room is finally how I envisioned how I wanted it to look! It’s such a wonderful feeling.

After receiving the giant box containing our new entertainment center and fireplace, I got to work. I accidentally screwed the bottom on backwards, so after fixing that and five hours later (I only wish I was kidding), we have our living room of our dreams!

What is your favorite item in your living room? Mine is either my arch mirror or our new fireplace console!


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