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Waste Less {Happy Earth}

Hi all! Recently, my love and I were watching BBC’s Blue Planet II, because we are both very fascinated in the ocean, marine biology, and oceanography. We’re quite fond of nature, and so my heart completely broke during their final episode (which, I suppose, was the point). In the episode titled “Our Blue Planet,” they told the story of our impact as consumers on our beautiful planet. Our plastic waste has reached every single ocean, even the Antarctic, and wildlife are eating it, causing them to die. So rather than sit there and cry about it, thinking there is nothing I can do, I decided to be proactive instead: I am beginning the process of lessening my consumption and waste.

Here is my pledge: I will make mindful purchases, use as little plastic as I can, and look into alternatives and environmentally friendly goods.

I already have been making small changes, but recently I’ve noticed just how much plastic one uses if we don’t pay attention. One of the biggest culprits of waste are plastic straws, because they are NOT biodegradable, at all. I love straws as much as the next person, but they are not necessary. However, there are alternatives: there are metal straws, reusable cups that come with reusable straws, and more.

Another major contributor to waste is plastic cups, plastic bottles, and other one-time-use beverage containers. An easy solution to this is to bring a reusable bottle or travel mug. There are so many cute options for water bottles, travel mugs, and reusable cups. I have gathered some of my favorites for you here!

This is just a small start, and I plan to update you on my changes and my eco-friendly finds. Please let me know if you have any tips, questions, or thoughts in a comment below! I would love to hear from people who are also on this zero waste journey!


2 responses to “Waste Less {Happy Earth}”

  1. I am! What would you like to know about first? 🙂
    Btw, I totally empathize with how you felt at the end of Blue Planet. I often can’t watch nature programs cos they remind me of what we’re doing to the planet (when at our worst).


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