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Vernal Falls {Yosemite Adventures}

This past weekend, my love and I visited one of our favorite places: Yosemite National Park. We love to be in nature, to hike, to roam, to wander. We especially enjoy exploring new parts of the park, and that’s what we did – neither of us had seen Vernal Falls before, so we decided to hike up on the first stretch of trail on the course to Half Dome!

The hike was labeled “moderate-strenuous” by the National Park Service but I would advise those who want to go see Vernal Falls: the path was easy/moderate up until the footbridge below Vernal Falls, much of it uphill, but paved. After the footbridge, though, things got quite a bit more difficult. It’s uphill, not paved, and true to its name (The Mist Trail), you’re getting sprayed in the face from the waterfall as you’re climbing up 600 granite steps. It’s slippery, the steps vary from small to huge, and if you are not wearing hiking shoes, you’re not going to like this hike one bit. There were many people struggling because they weren’t prepared. It was much more on the strenuous side, but it was SO worth it for me when we got to the top! 

You don’t want to be afraid of heights looking over this 317-foot-high waterfall! Our next Yosemite adventure will be to continue hiking upward to Nevada Falls to see it in all of its 600+ foot splendor! I can’t wait! 

My love and I both love Yosemite and we visit often! I can’t wait for our next Yosemite adventure! 

What’s your favorite part of Yosemite? Or what is your favorite national park? Tell me in a comment below! 



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